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15 of our favorite things about Eminence (in honor of Eminence winning Favorite Skin Care Line 15 years in a row: Professional's Choice)

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This past year, Eminence Organic Skin Care raked in over twenty “Best Of” awards from publications including Allure, American Spa, New Beauty and more. Out of all of these accolades, there’s one that stands out most to us: Favorite Skin Care Line 15 Years in a Row (Professional's Choice:  (American Spa mMagazine). 

As industry professionals ourselves, we are particularly excited about this award because we constantly get to see results (or lack thereof) from various brands and personally get to feel, smell, and work with many different products from many different lines. To celebrate Eminence’s whopping fifteen years as spa professional’s favorite skin care line, we want to name fifteen of our favorite things about Eminence.

 •As their name suggests, they use exclusively organic ingredients.

Eminence’s motto is, “Healthy skin is a reflection of what you feed your body, inside and out.” For this reason, they source the best ingredients from organic farms around the world to create products that are as pure and potent as possible. All Eminence products contain between a minimum of 70% and up to 95% organic ingredients.

 •Their products are proven effective for major skin concerns.

Ask pretty much any Eminence Organics user if the brand’s products deliver effective results and you’ll likely hear a resounding “yes.” When you’re investing in professional-grade products though, sometimes you want to see some actual proof. If you’re in need of anti-aging skin care with results you can count on, check out their Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate. In vivo results after 28 days showed:

 • 90% of users showed an improvement in wrinkle depth in just 4 weeks

• 94% of users noted smoother-looking skin in just 4 weeks

• 78% of users noted more supple-looking skin in just 4 weeks

Eminence - Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate

Eminence - Marine Flower Peptide Concentrate


**THIS ITEM IS AN IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE AND MUST BE PICKED UP AT OUR FLAGSHIP STORE LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT.** This innovative cream-gel concentrate supports the benefits of Marine Flower Peptide Serum, helping skin look… read more

 Eminence’s Clear Skin Starter Set for acne-prone skin has equally impressive results with 76% of users reporting a reduction in acne lesions and scars in just 14 days and 100% of users showing results in 28 days!

 •They offer exfoliants (including peels) gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Those who struggle with sensitive skin often feel like they have to forgo certain steps in their skin care routine like exfoliation. Eminence’s Calm Skin line has products for every step in skin care. They even carry a Calm Skin Exfoliating Peel suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin and even rosacea.

 •Their products are hand-picked in Hungary and made with love.

Eminence ingredient farms in Hungary are powered by solar and wind energy and their products are handmade without hydrogenation processes to ensure the potency of the natural ingredients is not compromised.

 “All of our products are formulated in Hungary, where the majority are also manufactured then sent to Canada for hand-pouring. Although a variety of our natural, organic, and Biodynamic® ingredients are globally sourced, the majority are still grown in Hungary.”

 •They take sustainability to a whole new level.

Did you know that for every Eminence retail product sold, they plant a tree? Eminence has planted 25 million trees so far. Pretty remarkable, right?! Beyond that: 

  • All product boxes are recyclable

  • Wherever possible, containers are made from recyclable plastic

  • All packing boxes are reused or recycled

  • Packing chips are made of 100% biodegradable corn that dissolves harmlessly in water

•Their body care products are just as incredible as their facial skin care.

From scrubs and moisturizers to more advanced treatments like their Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment, Eminence makes caring for your skin from head to toe feel fun and luxurious. Pro tip: Add one to two capsules of their Stone Crop Body Oil to your bath for the most luxurious bathing experience of your life and the softest skin ever.

Eminence - Stone Crop Body Oil

Eminence - Stone Crop Body Oil



 •Their products are super concentrated.

When products run out too quickly, it can feel like an investment that didn’t pay off. With Eminence, your skin care will last and last. The brand even suggests diluting several of their concentrated moisturizers with a few drops of water or spritzes of their tonique so you get about twice as much as what appears in the container.

 •Every product smells absolutely amazing (naturally).

Sticking to their organic promise, Eminence stays away from artificial scents and opts to fragrance their products with flowers, herbs, and teas. If you see the word “fragrance” on the ingredient list, it means natural botanical extracts and aromatic ingredients have been combined into a proprietary blend to enhance the product’s smell and overall experience.

•They are one of the most innovative brands in the industry, always coming out with new products to deliver the most effective results.

From their nourishing oil-based cleanser—far from your standard sudsy facial wash—to their powder-to-foam exfoliants that “fizz” when mixed with water to leave skin glowing and invigorated, Eminence products really are unlike any other on the market.

Eminence - Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant

Eminence - Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant


**THIS ITEM IS AN IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE AND MUST BE PICKED UP AT OUR FLAGSHIP STORE LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT.** Powder-to-foam Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant™ uses potent microgreens, rice flour, and adzuki powder to give… read more

 •They have developed natural alternatives to retinol.

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A known for its impressive ability to treat acne and reduce signs of aging. While it can be a key ingredient in skin care, it’s not for everyone. If it’s used too much, prescribed for use on the wrong skin type, or not properly introduced to the skin, it can be extremely harsh. Eminence removes the guesswork by offering products with natural topical exfoliants like botanical extracts from the babchi and bakuchiol plants for much more predictable, yet equally as effective results as retinol.

 *In vivo study results showed that after using Eminence’s Bakuchiol & Niacinamide collection for just 12 weeks, 100% of users agreed skin did not get irritated like with retinol products they had used before and 95% of users agreed skin felt and appeared smoother. (

Eminence - Bamboo Firming Fluid

Eminence - Bamboo Firming Fluid


**THIS ITEM IS AN IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE AND MUST BE PICKED UP AT OUR FLAGSHIP STORE LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT.** For tighter looking skin, Eminence Bamboo Firming Fluid is the answer. The strengthening agents of… read more

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•Eminence is cruelty-free (and often vegan), opting for ingredients found in nature.

Eminence offers a wide range of vegan skin care products. These products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, animal byproducts, synthetic dyes, or petrochemicals.

Some of our very favorite vegan Eminence products are Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream, both of which are formulated with cruelty-free collagen and natural plant peptides.

 •Eminence is absolutely beloved by celebrities!

Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Williams, Victoria Beckham, Zooey Deschanel, Cameron Diaz, Mark Ruffalo—the list of celebrities that have enthusiastically given the skin care line their seal of approval seems to go on and on! Hey, if these beauties trust the Eminence brand with their picture-perfect skin, sign us up!

 •They use herbs and spices for stimulating products like you’ve never seen before!

“Our stimulating products contain paprika and/or nettle which intentionally create a tingling or ‘hot’ feeling on your skin. These treatments generate a circulatory system response that brings fresh blood flow to the surface of the skin. This increase in circulation encourages the natural cell turnover in the skin while creating a detoxifying and oxygenated environment, leaving the skin toned, firmed, and clear.”

Eminence - Lime Stimulating Masque

Eminence - Lime Stimulating Masque


**THIS ITEM IS AN IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE AND MUST BE PICKED UP AT OUR FLAGSHIP STORE LOCATED IN SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT.** Revitalize and brighten your complexion with Lime Stimulating Masque. Natural phytohormones and vitamins will leave… read more

•They make treatments and peels that deliver accessible and impressive results for at-home use.

If you need to see serious results quickly (say, for an important, last-minute event,) but don’t have time to make it into the spa, Eminence treatments and peels are your new best friend. You can select at-home peels from their firming, brightening, clearing, and calming lines for an effective outcome from home.

 •They give back!

The story of Eminence founder Boldijarre Koronczay’s obsession with “organic” is a fascinating and sincerely moving one. As a survivor of a rare form of childhood leukemia, Koronczay attributes his survival of the disease to the organic foods he was fed by his mother during his treatment. The impact of his holistic care left a lasting impression on Boldijarre, making him a champion for the cause of nourishing the body with organic ingredients—both inside and out. This is why today Boldijarre does his best to provide organic resources and education for those in need.

 “The Eminence Kids Foundation is dedicated to providing seriously ill children receiving care in hospitals and long term care facilities worldwide with a supplement of organic foods or juices to naturally aid in their recovery. For detailed information on the Foundation please visit”

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