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Here's Why Your Restoring Hair Products Aren't Working

Here's Why Your Restoring Hair Products Aren't Working

Sasha Booker Sasha Booker
3 minute read

Whether your hair damage has been caused by harsh chemicals, hot tools, or a dry climate, you likely have a repairing hair product or two sitting in your bathroom cabinet. If so, you’ve also likely found that there are times these repairing treatments don’t perform as they've promised to. Read on to learn why this happens and ensure that your restoring hair products continue to deliver the results you want.

Why restoring treatments seem to stop performing:

When hair is feeling dry and damaged, it is sometimes tempting to double down on restoring products. After all, if a little is good, isn’t a lot better? This often isn’t the case when it comes to repair products. This is because these dense treatments do just what they are formulated to do - they coat the hair strands with rich ingredients. After a certain point of repeatedly using these products, your hair is left with a build-up of product, no longer able to absorb nutrients, and your favorite treatments feel like they are no longer performing as they once did.

Here's how to get the most out of your treatment again:

Because of this build-up, now and then, the hair needs to be thoroughly stripped of excess product so that the strands can truly absorb restoring treatments. Swap out your regular shampoo for a deep cleansing wash, and you’ll notice ingredients can now perform as they should, rather than just sit on top of the hair. Our current favorite cleanser for a supercharged wash that allows your hair to absorb nutrients: R+Co Water Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo. 

Here's what makes for a great deep-cleanse:

We love this R+Co cleanser because it uses AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, as well as enzymes for a beadless exfoliation. These topical exfoliants are unique to the haircare world and are more often found in skincare because of their ability to thoroughly, yet gently exfoliate. Utilizing these ingredients to deeply cleanse the hair, rather than a clarifying shampoo heavy in sulfates, leaves a perfect balance of hydration while maintaining the integrity of color-treated hair.

How to treat your hair to the best restoring routine ever:

Here’s how to use it: As often as once a week, or as sparingly as once a month, switch out your regular shampoo for Submarine. Squeeze a dime-size amount into your palm and activate with a bit of water, then massage into your scalp and add water as needed. Work through your hair and rinse. For truly restorative results, apply your favorite hair mask, rinse, and then complete your routine with your restoring conditioner to seal your cuticle, locking in your hair mask's nutrients.

This routine will offer the best of both worlds - leaving your hair seriously nourished and your scalp and strands feeling unbelievably refreshed. Save excess product (and frustration) by cleansing your your hair back to health with Submarine Exfoliating Shampoo.

R+Co - Submarine Water Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo

R+Co - Submarine Water Activated Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo


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