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How To Navigate Permanent Cosmetics Removal and Microblading

How To Navigate Permanent Cosmetics Removal and Microblading

Sadie Upwall Sadie Upwall
4 minute read

With more and more microblading availability on the rise comes the dark side of permanent cosmetics - microblading gone wrong. That's where permanent cosmetics removal comes in.

Just like a tattoo, mis-shaped or low quality microblading can leave a person feeling intensely regretful and often times embarrassed. Laser treatment removal can be a terrifying option for someone who wants their eyebrows amended for the sole reason that it can burn off the remaining eyebrows you were trying to fill in the first place.

Leave it to the revolutionaries of the microblading industry - PhiBrow - to come up with an equally revolutionary removal process that leaves you looking and feeling satisfied and comfortable with your permanent cosmetics. Straight from our very own Microblading and PhiRemoval specialist, Michelle Kobernik, here's how to get permanent cosmetics removed when you've had bad microblading (yes, even it's really bad).

What It Is

PhiRemoval is a non-laser form of permanent cosmetic, tattoo and microblading removal perfect for those unhappy with their permanent cosmetics due to discoloration, uneven lines, or change in preference. 

microblading brow removal

A Microblade client before and after 2 PhiRemoval procedures. 

Reasons Why PhiRemoval Might Be For You

• PMU or tattoo looks old fashioned

• PMU or tattoo is of poor quality

• Pigment migration or shape change

• Unwanted pigment evolution

• Social causes

• Operations or injections

• Uneven depth

• Shape is not drawn before the procedure (microblading)

• Strict or very rounded inner corners of the eyebrows (microblading)

permanent cosmetics removal lipliner

The healing process for lip liner removal after both one and two procedures.

PhiRemoval Advantages

• Effectively removes body tattoos, permanent makeup (PMU), and microblading

• Removes all pigments

• Better alternative to microblade removal than laser removal, as it doesn't remove the eyebrow hair during the treatment

• Removed pigment and its quantity are easily visible

• No long term post-procedural redness or atrophic structure, with the tissue healing very quickly

• Creates a very 'clean' look once treatments and healing are finished

• Significantly less expensive than other treatments

microblading permant cosmetics removal eyes

A before, healing process, and after photo of a a winged eyeliner fix by PhiRemoval specialist Michelle Kobernik.

Things To Keep In Mind

• Since each situation is different, you will need a consultation prior to getting your treatment in order to get the most information about what your process will be like.
• PMU or tattoo removal doesn't end after one treatment; it takes more than one procedure to remove everything you are not satisfied with (however, the first results are immediately visible).
• If only the epidermis is affected, there are usually no traces or scars because the base layer cells of the epidermis are able to regenerate completely. 

How It Works

The PhiRemoval specialist gently creates an opening the skin (just enough for the removal solution to do its magic). Once the solution is applied, it begins to pull the pigment out from the tattoo to the degree that a portion of it can be seen, touched and wiped off. As the skin creates a scab in the healing process, it actually absorbs more pigment and aids in its removal once it falls off after a week or so. You'll need a consultation and depending on the saturation and your skin type, it may take anywhere from 1 to 6 treatments.

permanent cosmetics removal eye

The before, healing process and after of a 3 procedure microblade removal.

After-Treatment Care

• Keep the treated area dry for two days after procedure.

• 48 hours after the procedure, apply a thin layer of the soothing cream provided by your technician to the treated area.

• Apply the cream at least 2 or 3 times per day until the scab scales off and shedding is complete (generally 7-14 days, however may take longer).

• Keep in touch with the professional who performed the procedure and inform him/her about skin condition in 1-3 days intervals. They want you to be happy with your results, so don't be shy!

several procedures of permanent cosmetics removal

The results of several procedures and the healing process in between.

Things To Avoid Post-Treatment

• Do not apply decorative or hygienic cosmetics on the treated area for 10-14 days.

• Do NOT peel the scab after the treatment - allow it to fall off naturally

• Avoid sunlight for 2 weeks after the treatment.

• Avoid facial or body treatments for 3-6 weeks after the treatment.

• Do not exercise or have body/face massages 7 days after the treatment.

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