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Staff Highlight: Meet Edith Centeno - Microblading Pro & Got Beauty Spa Director

Staff Highlight: Meet Edith Centeno - Microblading Pro & Got Beauty Spa Director

Sasha Booker Sasha Booker
4 minute read

Microblading—you might have heard of it, and you've definitely seen it. From local beauties that you spot at the grocery store to celebrities including Mandy Moore and Serena Williams, the perfectly sculpted brows that you admire on others are often not 100% natural. If you're considering microblading, read on for answers to the most common questions about the procedure from our in-house pro and spa director, Edith Centeno.


Edith has been an esthetician for 13 years. This California babe developed her love for perfecting brows while working at a brow salon in Beverly Hills, California. She loves all things beauty, but her passion is helping her clients find and maintain the ideal brow shape for their face. Edith received her training from Phi Academy. Known for their immaculate training process, Phi Academy is a renowned choice for estheticians opting to learn the art of microblading.

GB: So, what makes microblading one of your favorite services to offer?

EC: Our brows are immediately such a big focal point. Eyebrows make a huge difference when they’re shaped properly to our facial structure. Our faces are not perfectly symmetrical, so having our eyebrows shaped to our facial structure creates balance, makes our eyes stand out, and makes us look younger.

GB: Most of us have heard of microblading, but can you break it down for us?

EC: Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup application that involves applying individual hair strokes to the eyebrow area using a specific pigment made for facial application.

Micrroblading tools in Got Beauty spa room

GB: Who do you find microblading is a good fit for?

EC: Microblading is often mistakenly thought to be only for those with sparse brows—and it is true that microblading will address naturally thin, overplucked, or very lightly colored brows. However, for thick or thin eyebrows, it can seriously perfect anyone's brows by filling in gaps and sculpting a more structured, symmetrical brow shape. Microblading resultsGB: How long does it last?

EC: Microblading is considered a semi-permanent procedure in that the pigment does not go past the dermis (the second layer of the skin,) meaning the pigment will fade with time. In general, microblading results should last between eight months to a year. That being said, your skin type will determine when a touch-up will be needed. Those with an oily skin type might experience that the results don't last as long as they do for other skin types. 

microblading clientGB: Be real with us, does it hurt?

EC: Pain during the treatment is relative. Clients have compared the sensation similar to what they feel when tweezing their eyebrows. High nerves can contribute to a stronger feeling of pain, so try to relax as much as possible during your appointment. 

GB: What should one expect during a microblading appointment?


•You'll want to get settled and comfortable in the spa room. The more you can relax, the more enjoyable your microblading service will be. 

•Brow mapping is done prior to the microblading procedure to establish the ideal shape of the brows according to the client's facial structure.

•A microblading appointment will generally take approximately 3 hours—a bit of a time commitment—but SO worth it, and such a time-saver down the road, as you'll wake up every day with your dream brows perfectly applied. 

•Following your appointment, a touch-up will be booked for approximately 4 weeks out to check how the skin is retaining the pigment and to address any desired adjustments.

GB: How should clients prep for a microblading appointment?


•Avoid the following treatments for at least 30 days before your microblading session:

  • Botox and fillers
  • Lactic acids and chemical peels
  • Laser treatments
  • Exposure to strong sunlight

•Determine what changes you would like to see in your brow shape. Observe what it is that you would like to see differently in your eyebrows.

•Lastly, get excited! It is so true that brows frame the face. Having your brows exactly the way you want them saves you countless hours on your daily makeup routine, as well as dollars spent on product, and will give you the natural, thick, and full brows you’ve always wanted.


Book your consultation with Edith online at or call us at 801-474-2090.

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