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Why We Love The Bumble Surf Infusion

Why We Love The Bumble Surf Infusion

Sadie Upwall Sadie Upwall
3 minute read

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We've had some time to mess around with the Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion Spray, and the verdict is in - for certain hair types and climates, it's arguably even better than the original Surf Spray. We've made a quick, easy peasy rundown on everything you need to know, and if it's the right product for your luscious locks.

What It Is:

The Surf Infusion falls in line with the original Surf Spray modus operandi: to enhance beachy waves and texture with a few simple sprays. The difference lies in its oil-infused formula, which the original Bumble Surf Spray lacks. On top of the perfect tousled texture, this spray adds shine and softness to beachy locks to add some extra conditioning TLC. It also comes infused with UVC protection, which aids in the prevention of sun damage and color loss. No crunchy or sticky textures allowed. A few of the main ingredients are water, magnesium sulfate (salt), kelp extract, several algae extracts, seaweed extract, coconut fruit extract, Dead Sea salts, sea salt, passion fruit oil, coconut oil, mango seed oil and palm oil (loving all of it!).

Who It's Made For:

Generally, the biggest fans of the original Surf Spray live in more humid climates where a little sea salt can really get your hair to exactly the perfect beach curl. In more dry climates, different tactics are required. Desert and dry weather-based Bumble fans of the world are celebrating over the Bumble Surf Infusion due to its awesome oil infusion. For those whose hair don't have as fun of a time with the original Surf Spray due to its often drying effects, the Surf Infusion is your new best friend. You still get the texture, minus the dryness of the original spray.

How To Use It:

First things first: shake shake shake! You'll want to make sure to blend the oil and salt formula. We suggest keeping it light - a few light spritzes into dry or damp hair, followed by light scrunching to add a little extra curl. As mentioned, the Surf Infusion is part sea salt and part oils; this means if overused, it has the potential of getting a tad greasy. Try not to spray directly onto your roots, either, as you'll probably end up needing a dry shampoo to balance out the oils. Style and let dry. Stylists recommend adding a little diffusion to create more volume, and even adding some of the original Surf Spray at the roots for the perfect amount of beach sexiness.

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