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Zoltar Speaks lunchbox with full-color artwork and top handle
Open Zoltar Speaks lunchbox with dimensions shown and a "100% officially licensed" label
Front of Zoltar Speaks lunchbox is captioned, "Raised Embossed Art on the Front"
Side views of the Zoltar Speaks lunchbox with usage suggestions caption
Top view of the Zoltar Speaks lunchbox points out a collapsible plastic handle and high-quality sturdy tin construction. Box says, "Your wish is granted!" in red lettering.

Zoltar Speaks Lunchbox


The perfect retro-inspired collectible storage companion to take on-the-go or display proudly on your shelf at home, this Zoltar Speaks lunchbox-style storage tin features beautiful embossed artwork, convenient design considerations, and solid construction. Measures 8.5”W x 6.5”L x 3.75”D.