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Set of five makeup brushes with green-to-purple ombré coloration on a triangular storage case
Five makeup brushes with purple-to-green ombré handles that look like fish scales, gold ferrules, and green-to-purple ombré bristles

Royal Brush - Moda Mythical Sweet Siren 6-Piece Travel Kit


his 6-piece Moda Mythical Kit is what your mermaid dreams are made of—functional brushes with a unique structural handle reminiscent of the scales on a mermaid’s tail. All brushes are made with synthetic filaments in green-to-indigo ombré.

Kit Includes: 
• Powder Brush for buffing, blending and contouring foundation uniformly
• Complexion Brush allows precise application of makeup
• Highlight & Glow Brush is perfectly shaped to apply precise highlights to the entire face
• Crease Brush is perfect for precision blending in the crease of the eye
• Eye Shader Brush sweeps and blends eyeshadow over the entire lid
• Moda Holographic Flip Case designed to store, protect, display, and dry your brushes