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non slip shoe grips
non slip shoe grips

Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Sole A-Traction Non Slip Shoe Grips


When you're on the dance floor, the only sliding you should be doing is when you’re working on your glide, not because your shoes are too slippery. Hollywood Fashion Secret #37, Sole A-traction Non Slip Shoe Grips can be affixed to the bottoms of your shoes so you can have complete confidence walking across the glassiest surfaces, even in your favorite stilettos.

Features & Benefits:
• Long-lasting
• Easy to remove
• Pack of three (3) pairs
• Prevents wear and tear to soles
• Helps avoid slipping on most surfaces
• Can be used on flat shoes or high heels
• Ideal for all smooth soles in all shoe sizes

IMPORTANT: For best results use on freshly cleaned, new or barely worn shoes.