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Pack of black Ceramic Thermal Rollers by Kitsch
Set of 8 black hair rollers
Smiling model wears rollers in her hair
Six black hair rollers
Set of 8 multicolored hair rollers: 2 coral, 2 blue, and 2 blush

Kitsch - 8-Piece Ceramic Thermal Rollers

  • K Black
  • K Multicolor

Kitsch Ceramic Thermal Rollers pump serious long-lasting volume into your waves and curls by adding lift at the roots. Use as a finishing touch on almost-dried hair. (For best results on curly hair textures, blow out hair smooth and apply rollers while hair is still warm.) Insert rollers one at a time, focusing on areas where you wish to have the most volume. With curlers in place, do one last shot of heat with a blow dryer to warm the rollers and then allow them to cool. Once hair is completely cool and dry, gently remove rollers and style hair as desired. Pack includes 8 rollers: 2 with a 2.25” diameter, 4 with a 2” diameter, and 2 with a 1.5” diameter.