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Prayer candle with image of Frida Kahlo holding a monkey above her printed name
Back of the Frida Kahlo Secular Saint Candle says, "Patron Saint of Monkeys, Thwarted Lovers, and Unibrows" along with her Saint's Day (July 6) and Resilient St. Frida prayer
Lit Saint Frida Kahlo prayer candle on a dark background
Frida Kahlo prayer candle on a tabletop with flower vase, paint brushes, and tiny easel against sparkly green floral wallpaper

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild - Frida Kahlo Secular Saint Candle


Show your devotion to Frida Kahlo, the patron saint of monkeys, thwarted lovers, and unibrow, with this colorful votive! Dedicated to a cultural icon you can believe in, this Secular Saint candle features Frida’s image on the front and patronage, saint’s day, and unique prayer to inspire and enlighten on the back. Stands 8” tall by 2” in diameter.