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Floral print manicure tool case
Floral and striped manicure tool case
Lemon print manicure tool case
Leopard print manicure tool case
Cherry print manicure tool case

The Vintage Cosmetic Co. - Manicure Purse

  • VCC Candy Striped
  • VCC Lemon
  • VCC Leopard Print
  • VCC Pink Floral Satin
  • VCC Sweet Cherry

This luxurious and flawlessly retro Manicure Purse will allow you to clip, snip, push, and smooth your way to beautifully groomed fingernails. Keep it on your dressing table or pop it in your bag for any nail emergencies on the go. Each set includes one cuticle pusher, fingernail clipper, scissor, and printed emery board.