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Light-colored rose quartz stone Love necklace on SoulKu product card that says, "Amplifies unconditional love"
Rose quartz stone necklace on gold cord rests in a purple and gold dish with a pink chrysanthemum
Model wears a rose quartz stone necklace at a longer length
Model wears a rose quartz stone necklace with two other gemstone necklaces

SoulKu - Touchstone Necklace: Rose Quartz For Love


Warmed by your body’s heat, this smooth, beautiful stone exudes healing energies and can be grasped as a “touchstone” to help you feel grounded and closer to your truth. Rose Quartz supports you by vibrating nothing but beautiful, powerful, unconditional love. Handcrafted by a community of moms in Asheville, NC.

Additional Features:
• Approx. 1”W x 2”L amethyst gemstone paddle
• Super strong and durable Mighty Miracle nylon cord with adjustable slider lets you wear the stone close to your throat, down to your belly, and anywhere in between
• FSC certified card