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Dark blue cover of Sacred Self-Care: Everyday Rituals for a More Joyful and Meaningful Life features a dramatic floral photograph
Page spread from Sacred Self-Care features a section titled, "What Is Sacred Self-Care?"
Page spread from Sacred Self-Care features chapter 6: "Sacred Celebrations" alongside a photograph of a woman in an embroidered white dress standing next to an outdoor fire with palms facing toward the flame
Page spread from Sacred Self-Care features a section titled, "Nature Is the Source" alongside a sunlit forest photograph

Sacred Self-Care: Everyday Rituals For A More Joyful And Meaningful Life


During the average day, most people's time is consumed by thinking, “I need to do this. Can't forget that. How did I come across? What did that person think of me? Why are they acting like that?” Our endless thoughts can wreak havoc and often cause a state of stress and anxiety—the mind can be a very useful and brilliant tool, but when we slip into unhelpful thought patterns, with the same story going around and around on repeat, it's exhausting. In Sacred Self-Care, Chloe Isidora offers an antidote with ceremonies and rituals that ease the mind and connect you to your heart space. Rituals can range from the smallest act, such as lighting a candle or blessing your food, to a ceremony involving many people singing and dancing. These processes encourage you to slow down, to honor the moment and to connect to something greater than yourself. Learn how to create a sacred space, hold a ceremony, and weave ritual into everyday life. Through practices suggested throughout the book, you will create opportunities throughout the day, week, and year to experience reconnecting, receiving your own inner guidance, and recognizing the feeling of following your joy. Paperback; 192 pages.