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Dark blue 20 ounce bottle of Everyday Nourishing Body Lotion by Somebody with peach and white design elements
Bottle of Somebody Everyday Nourishing Body Lotion staged on a peach background with colorful blue and green sculptural shapes
Two smiling models with a bottle of Somebody Everyday Nourishing Body Lotion; one model has a small smear of lotion on upper arm

Somebody - Everyday Nourishing Body Lotion


This Everyday Nourishing Body Lotion goes on smoothly and is fast-absorbing, providing hydration and anti-inflammatory properties to skin. It also helps balance oil levels and improve water retention—aiding in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

Features & Benefits:
• Good for all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination, and normal
• Contains Sunflower Seed Oil and Oileic Acid, both powerful anti-inflammatories
• Contains Soybean Oil, rich in omegas 3 and 6 and vitamin E
• Bottle is made with recycled plastic

Key Ingredients:
• Sunflower Seed Oil helps balance oil levels and improves water retention in the skin.
• Soybean Oil, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, softens rough, dry ski while improving overall appearance.

How to Use:
Gently massage onto skin until fully absorbed.