Hush And Hush - Mind Your Mind: 60 Capsules


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A quiet mind is the basis for a relaxing, restful night. Hush & Hush’s scientific blend of natural soothing agents and time-tested sleep aids, like Tryptophan, Valerian Root, Holy Basil Leaf, and Magnesium, come together to calm the mind and body and set the stage for a peaceful, undisturbed night. Come morning, there’s no groggy or “hangover” feeling either.

Features & Benefits:
• Relaxes the mind and body
• Helps you fall asleep and stay asleep
• Reduces mental clutter
• Melatonin-free

Key Ingredients:
• L-Theanine relaxes the mind and body
• Chamomile Flower calms and relaxes the mind and body
• Magnesium relaxes the muscles
• Rhodiola Rosea Root decreases stress levels
• Holy Basil Leaf is an adaptogen that reduces stress and anxiety
• L-Tryptophan increases sleepiness
• GABA reduces brain and central nervous system activity
• Valerian Root eases sleeplessness and restlessness
• Inositol promotes restfulness
Calcium prompts the brain to make melatonin
• Vitamin E prevents insomnia and other sleep issues
• Vitamin C produces serotonin in the brain to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle

How to Use:
Take one capsule in the evening up to one hour before bed. Do not exceed more than two capsules in a 24-hour period.

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