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6 ounce green bottle of Spiced Vanilla Glide Shave Lotion features a black insignia with gold lettering and black cap
Model holds and looks at a green bottle of Glide Shave Lotion over a sink basin

18.21 Man Made - Glide Shave Lotion: Spiced Vanilla


Clear Shaving Gel with Before and After Shave Lotion

Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, Spiced Vanilla Glide Shave Lotion is a clear shave gel that allows you to see exactly where you need to shave, so you can better edge beards and mustaches, line sideburns, and clean up neck areas. There’s no need to use water—just smooth on and shave off.

Ideal for all conditions.
Clear, non-foaming, high-quality shaving gel is perfect for men wanting a clean, precise shave sans foam. High-quality shaving glide includes pre-shave and aftershave lotion and is made using a paraben-free formula that works perfectly for those with sensitive skin. On application, gel acts as a pre-shave lotion to soften and ready your face. As you’re shaving, it protects and conditions the skin. Finally, like an aftershave lotion, it will soothe, calm irritation, and accelerate regeneration of skin cells. 

Clear consistency.
Translucent shaving gel is non-lathering, which allows you to see exactly where to shave for the desired effect. The result is precise edging around beards and mustaches and proper line and clean-up of sideburns and neck.

Hydrate skin.
A deeply conditioning formula softens and prepares your face for shaving, while also protecting, moisturizing, and invigorating the skin. It will continue to soothe skin and fight irritation long after you’ve finished shaving.

A masculine aroma that lasts.
Spiced Vanilla is a cozy scent that takes you fireside with a rich leather-bound edition, fine brandy, and creamy pipe tobacco. Hints of ginger mellow to coconut, French vanilla, and star anise.