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Cover of 3001 Would You Rather Questions features a clouds and sky design with white celestial accents
Sample page from 3001 Would You Rather Questions begins with number question number 183: Never ever have to sleep again or always get a perfect eight hours?

3001 Would You Rather Questions


Alright, so these questions aren’t the big questions, but knowing yourself better is no small task. So much of what goes on in your brain happens in snap judgements and feelings. When you sit with the answers to quick questions and ruminate on what they mean, a deeper understanding of yourself can result. In this book of over 3,000 thoughtful prompts to help you journal through a quest for self-discovery, you can start to definitively know who you are by examining your inclinations in minute detail. Thousands of questions for thousands of answers you never knew you needed. And, because you only have two choices, you can breeze through the journal in no time at all. Some questions are silly and pure fantasy, but others can possibly trigger a deeper need for journaling about yourself and your values. If you are at a crossroads or are attempting to gain awareness of yourself through personal reflection, this is an excellent tool. Or, if you are a writer, use this as an exercise for fleshing out characters. This journal is also the perfect gift to a recent grad looking to carve out more of themselves in this expansive world. Paperback; 204 pages.