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Purple hair straightening iron
Light purple hair straightening iron with button panel shown
Model uses a hair straightening iron to style hair
Flat iron styler doubles as a power bank for a smartphone via USB cable

Adora Cordless Flat Iron Styler And Power Bank


Always look gorgeous and achieve any professional hair look you want on-the-go with the Adora Cordless Styler! Combining luxury, design, and innovative technology, this multi-styling beauty tool is quite versatile as it can be used as a power bank or to set bouncy curls, beach waves, and straight hair styles. The convenient wireless design makes the Adora Cordless Styler the ultimate travel accessory.

• 3 heat settings (up to 400°F and compatible with all hair types)
• 4000mAh battery
• USB charging
• Includes a heat-resistant case and USB-C cable