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Brightly colored boxes of light, regular, and super absorbency August brand tampons on a background of blue sky with white clouds
Three august tampons in light, regular, and super absorbencies are unwrapped to show the tampons with applicators inside

August - Pack Of 8 Tampons

  • A Light
  • A Regular
  • A Super

100% organic cotton August tampons are fully biodegradable and are fitted with recyclable plastic long-applicators for easier insertion. Tampons open axially (or like a pair of angel wings) to best fit the natural shape of your body for more comfort and absorbency.

Material Info:
• 100% organic cotton—yes, even the strings
• Free of pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, polyester, rayon, deodorants, dioxins, dyes, and chemicals
• BPA-free recyclable applicator