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Rectangular mint green notebook with colorful flowers and butterflies design and pink spiral binding
Notebook interior features a lined page and a yellow right-hand page that says, "It's All Out There Waiting for You" in multicolored lettering
Notebook interior features a lined page and a dark green right-hand page that says, "The possibilities are endless" in pink and red lettering with white and yellow star accents
Notebook interior features a pink left-hand page and white lined right-hand page bound with a pink metal spiral - Rough Draft Large Subject Notebook: Magic Garden Mint


It’s basically three notebooks in one. This handy notebook has three color-coded sections with divider art and a metal spiral.

• 9.5 in. x 11.5 in.
• 100 GSM wood-free paper and cardstock
• Corded metal spiral
• 3 color-coded sections
• 2 divided art pages
• 40 sheets per section (120 pages total)