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Textured pink teardrop-shaped pad with Solid cleansing disc
Model demonstrates how to use a handheld makeup brush and sponge cleaning pad

Beautyblender - Keep.It.Clean Blender Cleansing Mitt


Upgrade your Cleanser.
Speed up your makeup tool cleansing routine with this flexible silicone cleansing pad. It easily slips over your hand to use as a sturdy cleansing surface. Textured nibs help lift stubborn stains without tearing your Blender so your tools are left squeaky clean and damage-free in no time.

• For all makeup sponges and brushes
• Vegan and cruelty-free

How to Use:
1.) Wet BeautyBlender or makeup brushes.
2.) Swirl an ample amount of BlenderCleanser onto stains, working into a lather. Repeat if necessary. To avoid splits or tears in your Blender, squeeze delicately and avoid twisting and pinching.
3.) Slide your fingers through the loops of the cleansing mitt (with nibs facing up) to turn the palm of your hand into a cleansing surface. Rinse and squeeze to remove any excess cleanser and water. Allow to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area.