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Tall glass water bottle with pink and red strawberry print has a bamboo lid with red handle
Tall glass strawberry print water bottle with bamboo lid removed
Strawberry print water bottle is tucked into the side pocket of a brown backpack

Berry Fresh Glass Water Bottle With Bamboo Lid


This glass water bottles offer a sleek, eco-friendly way to hydrate throughout the day! Tall, reusable 21-ounce vessel is made of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass coated with smooth-touch silicone, making it soft, durable, anti-slip, and spill-free. The natural bamboo lid provides a reliable seal and features a color-coordinated handle for easy carrying.

• Holds 21 fl. oz.
• Stands nearly 10” tall
• Shatter-resistant borosilicate glass is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use containers
• Smooth-touch silicone coating makes it easy to grip and helps prevent spills
• Tight-fitting bamboo lid is great for use on the go
• Trendy, eye-catching design