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White Blinc Micro Trimmer with cap removed to reveal trimmer head
GIF illustrating before and after results of using the Blinc Micro Trimmer on a model's eyebrow
Blinc Micro Trimmer with box is labeled, "Sustainable packaging" with FSC certification logo
Disassembled Blinc Micro Trimmer against a purple background
The power of precision: Safe to use daily and before makeup; Dual-sided adapter; Gentle & non-irritating
Why you will love it: Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows and other facial hair with extreme precision; Instant and painless hair removal!

Blinc - Micro Trimmer


Remove unwanted brow and facial hairs safely, quickly, and easily with the Blinc Micro Trimmer. Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows with extreme precision, this trimmer features a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths.

How to Use: Remove the cap to expose the trimmer head. Slide off the bottom casing and remove the plastic wrap from the included battery. Put back together and turn trimmer on. Trim hair in the opposite direction from which it grows. Consider using rechargeable batteries for the planet and be sure to turn the trimmer off when not in use.