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White tube of Blinc Lash Primer with brush applicator removed
GIF showing the difference between eyelashes treated with Blinc White Lash Primer versus untreated\
Ultra-longwearing, ophthalmologist-approved formula nourishes & strengthens, protects lashes, and is clinically tested to be non-irritating
Blinc Lash Primer is sustainably packaged and its oversized brush head for maximum volume "grabs & coats each lash"
Why you will love it: Creates the ultimate base of lash fullness & thickness; Protects lashes with long-lasting moisturization
Three tips for getting the full treatment benefits and lash enhancement from Blinc's Lash Primer with infographics
Blinc Lash Primer is ideal for: Active lifestyle, sensitive eyes, challenging climates, and long hours

Blinc - White Lash Primer


Create an exceptional base for your lashes and brows with Blinc’s White Lash Primer. The white formula allows you to enjoy the benefits of primer while using any shade of mascara or eyebrow mousse you’d like.

Features & Benefits:
Separate your lashes and brows. Enjoy natural, clump-free hairs.
Improve your lash strength. Primer conditions your lashes to prevent breakage.
Lengthen your lashes. No need to over-apply mascara to reach your desired lash lengths.
Boost volume. White primer thickens brows and lashes, creating a full look.
Treat your lashes and brows. The primer’s nourishment boosts and maintains hair integrity. 
• Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

Key Ingredients:
Growth-Promoting Peptides help to increase hydration and resilience in both your skin and eyelashes.
Plant-Based Extract Blend including hibiscus, pear, and asafoetida root provides excellent antioxidant protection to help protect against environmental weathering.
Rice Bran Wax helps to build and enhance lash volume.
Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection while enhancing the moisture barrier around your lashes.

How to Use:
Before applying mascara, layer on as many coats of primer as desired. Wait 30 seconds between coats for best results. Apply mascara or brow mousse before the primer has completely dried. Use lots of warm water to remove—or leave on for the conditioning benefits.