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Square catnip pouch on "Busted!" product card features orange, purple, and white illustration of a cat standing on its hind legs on a sofa looking out the window under the words, "Oh shit, it's the fuzz!"
Reverse side of catnip pouch on product card is designed to resemble a home with window out of which a panicked cat face is gazing and saying, "Act normal!!"
Orange tabby cat stalks the Busted! catnip pouch on a bright yellow backdrop

Blue Q - Busted! Oh Shit, It's The Fuzz! Organic Catnip Toy


Busted! (Oh shit, it’s the fuzz!)

Warning: This nip may cause paranoia. Promotes healthy play and exercise. 100% cotton pouch, screen printed and stuffed with premium organic catnip grown in the USA. Measures 3.25” square.