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Square catnip pouch on product card that says, "I think your cat is high..." features illustration of a yellow cat laying on a blue tile floor saying, "I think I'm a seal. I'm a seal now." while a pair of mouse eyes looks out from a hole in the background
Reverse side of catnip pouch on product card features illustration of a mouse saying, "I think your cat is high." while the cat lounges in the background
A tabby cat lays with and gently touches the I Think Your Cat Is High catnip pouch with one paw

Blue Q - I Think Your Cat Is High Organic Catnip Toy


I think your cat is high…

Someone’s always gotta tattle. Promotes healthy play and exercise. 100% cotton pouch, screen printed and stuffed with premium organic catnip grown in the USA. Measures 3.25” square.