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Dark blue square organic catnip pouch features Magic Carpet Ride design of a pink kitty hurtling through space on a yellow rug toward a yellow full moon
Reverse side of Magic Carpet Ride Organic Catnip pouch features illustration of a pink kitty sitting on a yellow rug in a home setting
Long-haired Siamese cat with blue eyes lays on a rug touching the Magic Carpet Ride Organic Catnip toy with one paw

Blue Q - Magic Carpet Ride Organic Catnip Toy


Magic Carpet Ride (Send Kitty to the Moon!)

Close your eyes, kitty. Look inside, kitty. Let the nip take you away. Promotes healthy play and exercise. 100% cotton pouch, screen printed and stuffed with premium organic catnip grown in the USA. Measures 3.25” square.