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Gray cat wears a floral bonnet with drawstrings next to Cat Bonnet packaging
A cat wearing a floral Archie McPhee brand bonnet is posed with paws over a fence slat with a prairie scene in the background; a top caption says "Cat Bonnet: Cats Love It!"

Cat Bonnet


The Cat Bonnet is just what the name promises. It’s a bonnet for your cat! Not every kitty is some kind of a vain showoff. Some cats long for the plain and simple life. Also perfect for playing Little Kitty on the Prairie or Dr. Whiskers, Medicine Cat on those lonely Friday nights. This 100% cotton bonnet with satin lining fits most cats and frees them from a lifestyle of conceited preening. If your cat is prideful and disobedient, she won’t like it. She'll say something like, "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet: I will end you."