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Chakra Stones kit box and contents
Front, back, and inside of the Chakra Stones kit
List of the 7 chakras and their properties

Chakra Stones: An Introduction To Supporting Chakras With Crystals


Chakra Stones: An Introduction to Supporting Chakras with Crystals is an updated and elevated take on chakra balancing practices. Its inner cover offers in-depth information about crystal properties and chakra meanings including the traditional Sanskrit names and updated, modern interpretations of the chakra symbols.

• 7 flat crystals for balancing on chakras
• Chakra location and attribute guide
• Recycling and product lifecycle information
• Gold foil on box cover


• One (1) amethyst - crown chakra - soothes mind and connects to higher consciousness

• One (1) sodalite - third eye chakra - clears confusion and encourages self-trust

• One (1) blue kyanite wand - throat chakra - balances all chakras and brings compassionate communication

• One (1) green aventurine - heart chakra - encourages kindness and protects heart chakra

• One (1) yellow jade - solar plexus chakra - releases emotions in dreams and inspires ambitions toward goals

• One (1) carnelian - sacral chakra - eases feelings of fear or grief and increases creativity

• One (1) red jasper - root chakra - helps find positive solutions and provide energetic protection

• One cotton muslin drawstring bag for crystal storage