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Green box of Chillhouse Chill Tips press-on nails in Animal House style with several samples in green French tip, black and white cowhide print French tip, and all-over cowhide print visible through packaging window
Contents of the Animal House Chillhouse press-on nail kit: Nails in an assortment of styles and sizes, pink file, wooden cuticle pusher, and glue tube
Model's hand wears a set of press-on nails in alternating solid green, black and white cowhide print, and French tips of each

Chillhouse - Chill Tips Press On Nails: Animal House


Chill Tips are salon-quality modern nail art that you can do in your chill home or on the go. There's no mess, no wait time, and no smudging, so you have more me-time.

Kit Includes:
• 24 nails to find your perfect fit
• Dual-sided buffer and file
• Cuticle stick
• Gentle glue

Moo-ve over, basic animal prints! This set of press-ons features four mix-and-match styles combining emerald green, black and white cowhide print, and French tips of both on nude bases. Yee-haw!

Made with high-quality materials, Chill Tips are comfortable and easy to use from start to finish. The included tools allow you to fully customize the tips to your nail, while the gentle, non-damaging glue secures everything in place for results that have the look and feel of a classic gel mani.