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Color Your Own Tarot box
Some card contents of the Color Your Own Tarot kit
Color Your Own Tarot box, cards, and guidebook
Model's hand holds a blue marker near spreads of Color Your Own Tarot cards, opened guidebook, box, and pink and yellow markers

Color Your Own Tarot: Learn To Read Tarot And Personalize Your Unique Deck


Put your own stamp on the classic Rider-Waite tarot and engage with the imagery on a deeper level. As you color in the intricate details of the artwork, prepare to discover hidden symbolism and develop a stronger relationship with the cards. Refer to the accompanying guidebook for all the symbolism of the major and minor arcana as well as the different rules of the divinatory draw. Learn the significance of each color and what feelings and traits certain colors evoke. By choosing your own colors intuitively, you will breathe new energy into the beautiful Rider-Waite artwork and create a tarot deck most meaningful to you. Enjoy the process of unlocking your inner artist, engaging with the power of color, and creating your very own personalized tarot deck to work with for years to come. Includes 78 tarot cards and a 96-page guidebook packaged in a premium, high-quality box with magnetized flap and ribbons.