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Periwinkle cover of Cosmic Cards: A Modern Astrology and Tarot Guide with intricate gray and white floral designs
Page spread from Cosmic Cards features a section titled, "Taurus" accented with small and large zodiac symbols for the sign
Page spread from Cosmic Cards features sections titled, "The Emperor IV" and "The Tower"

Cosmic Cards: A Modern Astrology And Tarot Guide


In Cosmic Cards, sought-after tarot teacher and astrologer Maisy Bristol shows us how to read and interpret the star signs and tarot in one combined practice to give us a fresh outlook on life. For years, we have looked solely to the zodiac for guidance. Astrology has long told us that Taurus is a comfort-loving homebody who loves routine, while Gemini is the extroverted social butterfly who craves variety. However, as the universe expands and we become even more multifaceted, surely this blinkered outlook is no longer reflective of the times we live in? By reading astrology through the lens of the tarot, we can uncover how to broaden our minds, smash stereotypes, and discover the different facets of each sign's personality to reveal a deeper insight into us, our family, friends, and lovers. Accompanied by a beautifully illustrated 78-strong deck, Cosmic Cards is a modern mystical toolkit that enhances our understanding of ourselves and others through the wisdom of astrology and tarot.