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Cover of Cosmic Care: An Intergalactic Guide to Finding Your Glow by Robin Eisenberg features an illustration of a woman emerging from a celestial hot tub surrounded by crystals and candles looking out onto an interplanetary scene
Cosmic Care sits on a tabletop with crystals, orbs, and bath salt jar with wooden spoon
On a purple surface with yellow and white striped cloth, sunscreen, soda can, and sunglasses, Cosmic Care is open to an illustrated page spread with two friends on a beach captioned, "Solar radiation is healthy in moderation. (Just make sure to wear SPF 3000!)
Page spread from Cosmic Care features illustrations of a woman in bed at night and in the morning with the caption, "When things seem unsteady, find comfort in daily cycles and circadian rhythms."
Page spread from Cosmic Care features illustration of two friends eating pizza with the caption, "Reconnect with other lifeforms when you're feeling isolated."
Page spread from Cosmic Care features illustration of three illuminated friends in a sauna with the caption, "Your glow won't be dimmed by the brightness of those around you."

Cosmic Care: An Intergalactic Guide To Finding Your Glow


Find gravitational stability and embrace your natural radiance with this intergalactic guide to self-care that blends the earthly with the extraterrestrial. Author Robin Eisenberg brings readers on a dreamy journey through space to reveal feel-good tips that will help them unlock their stellar luminosity. Filled with vibrant illustrations and never-before-seen art, Cosmic Care is an escape into a vivid, immersive universe that's simultaneously familiar, relatable, and out of this world. The formation of a star begins with gravitational instability, but with a little cosmic care, it evolves into a luminous celestial object—and you can, too. Hardcover; 300 pages.