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Daily Concepts Daily Facial Micro Scrubber with packaging
Model sitting in a bathtub demonstrates use of the Daily Facial Micro Scrubber on face

Daily Concepts - Daily Facial Micro Scrubber


The Daily Facial Micro Scrubber is sure to become your very best friend, designed for beauty lovers, skin care gurus, and daily facial lovers! With two textures and a convenient pocket to slide your fingers into, you can either exfoliate to remove makeup or gently cleanse skin depending on the side you chooseThe pocket allows for control and precision while the soy-based sponge and natural organic cotton base elevate the effectiveness of your soap or cleanser and create a luxurious lather.

Features & Benefits:
• Mild texture is ideal for more sensitive skin types
•  Organic cotton, polyamide, and polyester construction; polyurethane filling
• Reusable packaging features drainage holes and a suction cup for hanging
• Writing on indicator label fades when it’s time to replace Scrubber (usually after approximately 90 days)
• Removable sleeve can be machine washed
• Clinically, allergy, and dermatologist tested
• Vegan and cruelty-free; not tested on animals

How to Use:
Wet face and add water to scrubber. Apply your favorite cleanser or facial wash and gently massage face in circular motions. Rinse your scrubber well and squeeze excess water before storing.