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Colorful Discover Box Stone Pack with contents: six polished stones and a white drawstring muslin bag
Opened Discover Box Stone Pack shows printed chart and separator tray inside with loose polished stones and drawstring bag in the foreground

Discover Box: Stone Pack


Discover a range of crystals in this fun, informative pack! Six genuine stones are described in an easy-to-follow chart inside the box so you can learn about their scientific and healing properties. Carry the stones in the included muslin bag or keep them snug in the box for all of your adventures! With easy-to-read, lively language, this Discover Box is designed with children 8+ in mind. Box measures 4.5”W x 5.25”H x 1”D.

Stones Included:
• Sodalite (polished)
• Red jasper (polished
• Clear quartz (polished)
• Hematite (polished)
• Aventurine (polished)
• Tiger eye (polished)