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Round tin of Emergency Googly Eyes with samples shown in front
A lid to an Emergency Googly Eyes tin lays in front of two apples with googly eyes applied to them

Emergency Googly Eyes


We're going to let you in on a secret that, until now, had only been shared with kindergarten teachers, crafters, and Bonnie Burton: googly eyes make everything better! Emergency Googly Eyes come in a beautiful, eye-catching tin filled with 20 pairs of plastic eyes in four different sizes. Just expose their adhesive backs and start sticking them on stuff. A boring bagel becomes your carby comrade. A humdrum hairbrush becomes your sassy sidekick. An uninspired knife becomes Mrs. Cleaver—because you never know when something might need a little personification! With all these opportunities inside one portable tin, you'll never be caught without googly eyes again.