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Blue enamel Comparison Stone pin on pink product card
Emily McDowell Studio - Comparison Stone Enamel Pin Card (4460796706886)

Comparison Stone Enamel Pin Card


It’s a card. It’s a pin. It’s a talisman for modern life. It’s the perfect card-and-gift-in-one for anyone who’s been feeling a teensy bit of not-enoughness. (And the pin is magnetic, so it won’t poke a hole in your clothes!)

Gem: Comparison Stone

Use: Neutralizes inner critics

Powers: Heals toxic impulse to compare oneself to Internet strangers, including wellness coaches, “influencers,” flawless moms, and people with time to make smoothie bowls. To enhance effect, hold crystal in left hand and fling phone into body of water.

• Gold plated enamel pin with magnetic backing
• Blank card interior
• A2 size (4.25” x 5.5”)
• Gold foil printing
• Comes with coordinating envelope