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Partially open pack of You Are Very Smart and Pretty sticky notes
Sample pads from the You Are Very Smart and Pretty Sticky Notes pack

You Are Very Smart And Pretty Sticky Notes Packet


You deserve to know that you are extraordinary—and to hear why every damn day. Since other people are too self-absorbed to shower you with appropriate levels of praise—and since we can’t be there to do it ourselves—we give you this adorable Emily McDowell sticky note packet. (By the way, your hair really does look amazing.) You Are Very Smart and Pretty sticky note set includes six (6) individual 2.75” square pads with 40 sheets each.

Phrases Include:
You Are Very Smart and Pretty.
You Are The Perfect Degree of Cool.
You Hair is Exceptional.
Your Ideas Are Totally Epic.
Your Heart is a National Treasure.
You Are a Shining Example of “Hell Yeah!”