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Grouping of three Framar hairbrush packages: purple Britney, blue Lindsay, and pink Paris
Model's hand holds the paddle side of a glittery purple hairbrush toward the camera in front of a poster under purple lighting
Glittery purple Framar hairbrush
Glittery blue Framar hairbrush
Glittery pink Framar hairbrush

Framar - Y2K Glitter Detangle Brush

  • Y2K Britney
  • Y2K Lindsay
  • Y2K Paris

Oops, we did it again! Some might say this gorgeous, glittery, limited-edition detangling hairbrush is toxic, but it’s just so typically Framar. Flexible bristles glide through wet or dry hair with ease, effortlessly smoothing even the most stubborn knots. Ideal for all hair types and safe for wigs and extensions. Not for use with blow dryer.