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Bottle of Sow the Magic Cucumber Body & Room Chakra Tonic with colorful stones
Four bottles of Sow the magic gemstone-infused scent tonic for room and body: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Chakra, and Amethyst

Gem Infused Tonic: Chakra


Refresh body and mind with this natural formulation featuring an assortment of chakra gemstones and pure, antioxidant-rich distillate which smells exactly like fresh-cut cucumber. This spritz is hand-blended for body, linens, laundry, or even furniture as it promotes rejuvenation and balance.

How to Use:
Shake bottle prior to spritzing and pump 3-5 times. If using on body, gently pat into skin. Do not spray directly on linens or laundry—mist these items at a slight distance for best scent and coverage. Keep away from eyes. Intended for topical use only. Do not ingest.