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Baublerella Glitzy Glove with box packaging
Model removes black tarnish from a piece of silver jewelry with the Baublerella Glitzy Glove

Glitzy Glove Anti-Tarnish Polishing Cloth


Over time, jewelry becomes tarnished and never leaves your jewelry box. It’s time to bring it back into the limelight! When using the Glitzy Glove, you will be able to see the tarnish go straight from your jewelry to the cloth. Once the polishing cloth is covered in black tarnish it’s time to buy a new one. To keep the Glitzy Glove from drying out, store it in the bag after each use and do not wash.

Features & Benefits:
• Polishing Mitt removes tarnish from precious metals
• Safe on platinum, gold, silver, and brass as well as plated jewelry
• Mitt is lined with 100% cotton
• One size fits most

The Glitzy Glove cleans precious metals. If you are looking for something to clean your jewelry stones then you would love our Bling Brush!