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In Focus: Crystals


In Focus Crystals describes over 100 crystals, from amethyst to zircon, complete with detailed summaries of their uses, qualities, and strengths, all expertly presented by crystal therapist Bernice Cockram.

Feeling creatively or spiritually blocked? Having trouble sleeping? Perhaps you are suffering from a physical ailment? Regardless of what may be plaguing you, the innate power within crystals can have tremendous healing effects. This artfully designed guide covers everything you need to know to benefit from their healing power, including how to work with crystal energy, select crystals from the various shapes available, cleanse crystals to clear away unwanted energy, use crystals for dowsing, work with chakras, auras, and the zodiac, and set up crystal grids.

Included inside the back cover is a set of seven double-sided grid cards that provide quick and easy reference to laying out crystals for healing, energizing, and more. Hardcover; 160 pages.