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An angry-looking grey and white cat wears a white unicorn horn on top of its head underneath product packaging
Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats box packaging
A smiling model poses with their cat, both wearing a white unicorn horn on their heads
A dog with brown curly fur standing on a beige chair against a blue background wears a white unicorn horn on top of its head

Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats


Your cat pretends to be standoffish and cool, but slip this Inflatable Unicorn Horn on top of kitty’s cranium and they’ll reveal the fun-loving feline that you know hides beneath that scowl. The horn uses a four-point elastic strap system to hold it comfortably on your fur baby’s noggin for an instant unicorn hat. Why have a regular cat when you could have a caticorn? (Although some have reported their cat is more like a narwhal than a unicorn.) Vinyl; about 5.5” ling.