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Dark pink cover of Joy: 100 Affirmations for Happiness by Elicia Rose from the Inspiring Guides series features gold lettering and design accents
Page spread from Joy: 100 Affirmations for Happiness features a section titled, "I am in charge of my day" alongside flower illustration

Joy: 100 Affirmations For Happiness


The way we speak to ourselves matters. Positive affirmations and meditations are an important tool for personal growth—and these uplifting, inspiring, motivational statements, when implemented regularly, can have a profound impact on our lives, harnessing the power of positive thinking to uplift, encourage, and inspire, Joy: 100 Affirmations for Happiness guides you through empowering affirmations and more to achieve personal growth. This mindful book incorporates original, modern, and charming line art on every page as well as 100 guided affirmations to help you reflect, maintain positivity, and achieve happiness. Hardcover; 160 pages.