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Eco-Friendly Hair Brush Cleaner by Kitsch in pink packaging
Hair brush cleaning tool with black bristles and a pick end

Kitsch - Eco-Friendly Hair Brush Cleaner


Keep your hairbrush free of debris and looking good as new! This Eco-Friendly Hairbrush Cleaner features a dual-edge design to help remove hairs and buildup and a curved handle with finger grip to make your task much easier. A must-have for brush maintenance! 

• Easily removes the smallest and hardest-to-reach hair fibers and product buildup
• Metal comb picks through densely-packed boar nylon, and metal bristles
• Easy-grip handle
• Made with recycled polypropylene (rPP), 6% nylon, and 4% stainless steel
• Measures approx. 7” long