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Pack of 6 Kitsch Pro Bungee Elastics in Blonde
6 Piece Bungee Elastics
Closeup of a Bungee Elastic securing a model's low ponytail
Set of 6 Bungee Elastics in Black
Set of 6 Bungee Elastics in Blonde
Set of 6 Bungee Elastics in Brown

Kitsch - Pro 6-Piece Bungee Elastics

  • KBE Black
  • KBE Blonde
  • KBE Brown

Kitsch Bungee Elastics allow you to wrap your way to a snug, sleek, and secure pony or updo. Polyester, rubber, and steel construction. Pack of 6 Bungees.

How to Use:
1. Gather hair into your desired ponytail position.
2. Hold ponytail securely with one hand, and hook one end of bungee into your hair.
3. Wrap bungee around hair until desired tightness is achieved.
4. Secure second hook into hair.