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Teal Grateful AF card deck box with black paint splatter effect
Some contents of the Grateful AF card deck
Grateful AF deck sample card with quotation about the "gluteal cleft."
Grateful AF deck sample card featuring embroidery that says, "Pillows."

Knock Knock - Grateful AF Deck


These super-salty, ultra-inspiring cards don’t sugarcoat that it’s often hard AF to grow as a human and be your best self. Use this deck to help you put feet on your gratitude practice. Simply pick a card, read it, do what it says, then see your life get less shitty. It’s a gratitude list in a box! 100 gratitude cards for potty mouths (delinquents and good humans alike) who want to work on their personal development. Box measures 4” x 2.55” x 2.4”.