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Knotty Boy - LockSteady Dreadlock Tropical Tightening Gel


Loose locks in need of a little tightening and TLC? LockSteady Dreadlock Tropical Tightening Gel is a heavily-scented, light, wash-out formula designed to tighten both new and mature locks, bringing loose hair and frizzies under control instantly.

Utilizing the age-old dreadlock-accelerating properties of pure Aloe Vera combined in a smoothie of Vitamins plus Hempseed Oil, LockSteady is a great replacement for waxes and a healthier alternative to concentrated salt-based dreadlocks accelerator sprays.

Features & Benefits:
• Quickly tightens both new and mature locks with a light, wash-out formula
• Grooms and controls loose hair and frizzies instantly
• Great for starting and maintaining locks, wax-free
• Aloe-based formula is easy on hair and scalp
• Incredible tropical lime fragrance!