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Sticker featuring illustration of a brown bunny in blue cap sailing over waves in a red sailboat with a sail that says, "Leave Me Alone"
Model's hand holds a Leave Me Alone sailor bunny sticker against an eclectic backdrop

Leave Me Alone Sticker


Leave Me Alone

This one is for the moms who can’t go to the bathroom alone because their kids absolutely need something the second they close the door, for the people getting stared at while at the gym, for the people who just want to walk down the street without someone commenting on their clothes or their choice of partner…. Really, we all just want to do our thing and not be bothered, right? Featuring a cute brown bunny sailing across the water, this one’s perfect for anyone with too many responsibilities. High-quality, all-weather vinyl sticker measures 3” wide and 2.75” high and can be stuck anywhere indoors or outdoors.