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Dark blue-gray cover of Moon Magic: A Handbook of Lunar Cycles, Lore, and Mystical Energies by Aurora Kane features gold lettering and design accents
Page spread from Moon Magic features its contents alongside a blue lunar design
Page spread from Moon Magic features a section titled, "The Magical Moon and Her Powers"
Page spread from Moon Magic features illustrations of the moon in the New, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, and Waxing Gibbous phases

Moon Magic: A Handbook Of Lunar Cycles, Lore, And Mystical Energies


The Moon is one of our most prominent and ancient symbols. It has shaped how we understand and track time, its movement controls the tides, and its rise into the sky signals the coming of night. The distinct phases of the lunar cycle have associations with different states of being. These states mirror a kind of spiritual quest which, like our search for ourselves, never ends. When we observe the Moon, we see reflections of the grand pattern of life that is birth, death, and rebirth. This handbook filled with enchantingly beautiful illustrations, you can follow the Moon as she traverses each sign of the zodiac and discover how each astrological phase affects magic—and how your personal Moon sign affects your magical work. The discussions include the influence of the seldom-discussed energies of the Blue Moon, the Black Moon, and lunar eclipses. Open your arms to Mother Moon, and allow her to take you into hers, with Moon Magic. Hardcover; 192 pages.